Thursday, July 15, 2010

Golden Gate Bridge Tower Tour!

Today I got to do something very, very few people will ever get to do: climb up to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge!!

I'll mention right now that I am not allowed to post photos from the tour, but I'll be happy to email some to you on request. It'll be worth it. The views are absolutely unique!

How did I get to do this, you ask? Well, an acquaintance of mine who works for the bridge set it up as a huge favor. Unfortunately it's not available to the general public.

There was some chance the tour would be canceled due to fog. Here in Noe Valley (alright, fine, The Castro) it was sunny and warm, without a cloud in the sky. But the bridge apparently has weather of its own, due to it straddling the tumultuous meeting of ocean and bay. However the tower cameras confirmed that there was enough visibility to justify a tour, so up we went.

Here's how it all went down: I arrived at the administration building on the west side of the toll plaza, where I met the other visitor (only two can go up at one time) and our awesome guide. She gave each of us a hard hat and a waiver. After signing my life away, and confirming that I am neither claustrophobic nor agoraphobic, we got into the back of a little bridge cart, and our guide drove us onto the east side walkway. It was slow going, honking along the way at pedestrians, bikers and tourists. Eventually we arrived at the south tower, which was less fogged-in than the north tower.

If you run or bike the bridge you've probably been curious about the service hatches at the foot of each tower. It was a fun moment when the guide whipped out a key, unlocked the hatch, and we walked into the base of the tower, leaving the jealous tourists outside.

Inside the hatch is an elevator the size of a small phone booth. This is where not being claustrophobic came in handy. As the three of us rode up in proximity usually reserved for couples on their wedding night, our guide explained that this was the original elevator built when the bridge was constructed in the 1930s. It took a full 5 minutes to ride the 500 feet to the top.

Once out of the elevator, you climb up a couple of steel ladders, eventually emerging out of a very narrow hatch onto the platform at the very top of the tower. Words cannot describe how awesome this is. As you emerge your eyes are immediately drawn down the suspension cables to the road bed, where you can watch tiny little cars weave their way through traffic.

The views, as you'd expect, are beyond outstanding. We were above the fog, which rolled in and burned out as we watched. I'd had no idea fog was so dynamic. The city side was more heavily fogged in, but we got some great glimpses of downtown and of Sutro tower. The views of Marin were clearer, but it was looking down onto the bridge itself and the surrounding bay that provided the most unique and spectacular sights.

Besides the views, strolling around the top of the tower is an experience in its own right. There's something surreal about being up there, next to the huge communications dishes, walking around to the outside of the turrets to explore new camera angles. We're used to seeing the top of the tower as tiny and the bottom as huge. Having that sense of scale inverted was unique and wonderful. Most of all, it was a trip just to be somewhere you're not really meant to be, somewhere that only a relative handful of people will ever have the good fortune to visit.

After 15 minutes of ooh, aahs and shutter clicks, we headed back down the ladders, down the elevator, out onto the walkway and back to normality.

What a rush!


David July said...

I would love to check out your photographs. My e-mail address is posted at Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Your story is awesome!!!

I've loved the Golden Gate Bridge since childhood. I finally got to see and touch it in person last year. I remember standing at the tower doors, longing desperately to know what was inside and how to get to the top. I would love to see your pictures. Thank you so much in advance!

Eric Y said...

Sounds amazing! I would also love to see your pix: Thanks in advance.

David R Wosley said...

I was lucky enough to visit San Francisco a few year ago and stood at the bottom of one of the 'towers' and thought "Wouldn't the view be cool from up there ?!" And you did it !! I'd love to see your pics..
David R Woosley, Liverpool, England

Robert Baker said...

I'd love to see your photos as well. My email address is

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

I would love to see the pictures:)

Anonymous said...

I hope your still checking this as I would also like to see the photos. today was the first time I walked the bridge.

Khafagy said...

I would definitely like to see the pictures. If you can send them to my email that would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

I want to see pictures, that bridge is my favorite place! I've been there three times and I will go again. I have a cousin who lives very close to twin peaks. I'm so jealous, I would love to see the view of the bridge from the top. Thanks for sharing! My email is

Anonymous said...

I would love to see the pphotograph